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I Tried An Olympic Bobsledder?s 'bulk Up' Workout

Not women Olympic athletes, though. Ive been closely following the reinvented careers of track-and-field stars Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams, who make their Winter Olympics debut this week as members of the Team USA womens bobsled team. To be successful in their new sport, bulking up is required. Lolo Jones went from 130 pounds to 159 pounds. Jones told USA Today back in September of her track diet, "You eat an M&M and you think your career is over." On a bobsled diet, McDonalds double cheeseburgers arent out of the question. There are a few strategic reasons why adding on muscle mass is important for women bobsledders. Jason Hartman, a trainer who works with Olympic bobsledder Jamie Gruebel, as well as several luge and skeleton athletes, explained the physics: In bobsledding, the maximum combined weight for a two-woman bobsled team (including the weight of the sled) is 340kg, or 748 pounds. The heavier the bobsled, the faster it will ultimately go. However, you ideally want the actual bobsled itself to be Max Workouts ebook lighter, because that makes it easier to push.
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