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Like Carl Icahn, Ebay Is A Fossil

Once more, many sellers are unhappy with the service and some if its ridiculous rules and actions, such as blocking 15,000 eBay sellers from selling on eBay, holding funds from sellers , and hiding listings . With a short interest in the stock so just 1.7% of the float, there's no shorts to squeeze out, so an upward catalyst is going to have to have some beef to it. The company has a price/book value, currently, of 3.12 - giving a nod to the fact that there is room for this company to pull back. The forward valuation of the company looks good to investors (P/E around 15), but as soon as the company can't continue to grow, the valuation behind eBay is going to start to look out of whack. And, according to eBay's guidance , we could be at the precipice of the company pulling back a bit: eBay Inc. updated its FY14 earnings guidance on Wednesday.

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